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I am trying out this new thing where I don't post anything political on FB. I know things are going to get really crazy with this election, and I will most definitely be having opinions, but I'm just not interested in bringing the polarizing nature of politics into my FB domain.

I figure in most cases I'm preaching to the choir. And when I'm not, I'm not dumb enough to think that some forwarded article is going to change anyone's mind.

This idea was really cemented for me a few weeks ago when a good friend posted an anti-PP article saying that he hoped his pro-choice friends would read it. I read it, and of course it didnt change my mind at all - it just reinforced to me that the people who disagree with me simply see the world from a very different perspective than I do. Things ended up ok, but for a short time I was genuinely concerned that the conversation might take a really negative turn and could damage a relationship with someone I care about very deeply.

And it's not like I won't have an outlet for my opinions...there are plenty of people out there posting stuff for me to comment on. If you want to invite those kind of conversations into your personal space, i am happy to participate. But I want to see what it feels like to keep them out of mine.

It will be interesting to see how long I can resist the temptation. I wonder (and doubt) if anyone will even notice.

freaking FINALLY.

i don't even remember where i last left the mattress saga. but i finally FINALLY! figured out the perfect setup and have reached bed nirvana.

i did not like the latex topper that the mattress manufacturer sent. it was comfortable, but it was too soft - like sleeping on jello. it was bouncy and wiggly and made my back hurt. so i ruled that out after a night or two.

scott helped me figure out that our new down-alternative blanket was contributing to my heat retention. once i switched back to our old cotton quilt, i had no issues with overheating on memory foam or anything else.

i also ordered an awesome mattress pad from Amazon.

so the final setup is the old-school egg-crate-type foam pad, plus 1.5 inches of memory foam, plus the awesome mattress pad.

probably i'd be fine with a 2" memory foam topper, but since i have these two already and they feel fine, i'm just going to stick with them.

slept great last night. the top now feels super soft and cushy but with lots of support underneath.

and once again, i am rewarded for my anxious and obsessive behavior. hooray. :\

new obsession?

hey! i have something new to obsess about!

so, my parents asked us a couple of years ago if we were interested in buying their house (the house i grew up in from 12 on) when they are ready to downsize to something smaller. i had always maintained that i didn't want it, because it is a more traditional style than i prefer (i like a ranch or hillside ranch) and it's not in my favorite part of their neighborhood (it's kind of on the main thoroughfare and doesn't feel like a "cozy" spot to me). i always though that if i were going to spend that much money on a house i'd choose a different style/location.

just recently, though, my parents started talking about beginning to get ready to sell. we've been talking on and off about how long we want to stay in our house. the huge pro to staying is: we have 14 years left on our mortgage! the reality is, though, that there are some things we'd like to change/do to this house that are impossible or not a good financial investment in our neighborhood.

my parents' house has everything we need that we don't and probably could never have here:

- significantly more space -  it's probably about 2500 sf PLUS a basement. we currently have about 1700
- 2 car garage (our current house has a 1 car that we use for storage b/c we have minimal storage)
- master bathroom
- 1/4 acre property with ravine/creek & woods!
- tons of birds, deer & duck visitors!
- huge super-nice backyard shed
- deck, patio, built-in firepit
- kitchen updated just this year (giving up my kitchen would be hard, but their kitchen is lovely. not quite as modern as i like but suits the house better)
- full basement, finished enough to be used as a TV room for the kids or man-cave for Scott
- lots of big windows that look out on to the backyard, which is all low-maintenance landscaped
- 1st floor half-bath so guests don't have to use my bathroom!
- water softener (my hair always looks really good when i shower at their house) :D
- nice big laundry room/pantry off the kitchen

and my dad is a SUPER anal-retentive homeowner. everything is either recently updated or immaculately maintained. and the truth is, even though it's not my DREAM house, it's our family home and i think there's a lot to be said for that. plus, it's not hard for me to imagine moving in there and making it my own - everything is fairly neutral and we could very easily move in without having to really do a thing to it. it is only 1.3 miles away from our current house. it's also closer to the bike path that runs from worthington to downtown. we love the bike path but getting there from here means going down (and then back up) a really substantial hill that just makes it feel kind of overwhelming for the kids.

honestly, at this point the only downside i see is the fact that we would be extending our mortgage. but the reality is that even if we DID stay here and pay off this house in 14 years, we'd likely then sell it and get another mortgage for something more $. And although this house is working pretty ok for us now, I'm almost positive we wouldn't make it 14 more years without wanting to upgrade. The kids are only going to get bigger, after all. :)

also, there's a good chance my parents could find a new house in the same neighborhood. they just need a ranch with a smaller yard, and there are a pretty good number of those to be found. that would be really ideal, so that as they get older we are close by to help them. in fact, i'm quite sure that if we decide to do this, that would be their plan - and we aren't in a huge hurry, so it would be no biggie to wait until they are able to find what they are looking for.

the only other (really minor) thing is that i'd be on the other side of high street from all of my worthington buddies and slightly farther from the library & downtown worthington. but this is really not a big deal...they would all still be within easy biking distance. seems like a more-than-reasonable tradeoff.

scott seems to like the idea. he's not ENTIRELY comfortable resetting back to a 30 year mortgage, but i sent him this article, which makes a lot of sense to me: http://www.ricedelman.com/cs/education/article?articleId=232#.UzhgU62zDR0


Mattress update

Okay, so when I contacted the mattress company about returning it, they offered to send us a 3 inch latex mattress topper that's $400 on Amazon for $200. They told me that in 99.9% of cases this solves the firmness problem, and if it doesn't they would be willing to pay the return shipping for me to send it back.

Since this topper is made of latex (same material as the mattress) I could only assume I wouldn't have the overheating problem I have with memory foam.

It just arrived via FedEx. It's super nice, covered in the same material as the mattress, so it basically creates a pillow top effect. Obviously, I'm going to have to sleep on it for a night to see how it is, but I am hopeful that this will be the solution.

My only real remaining concern is long-term happiness (just based on a few reviews, but I suspect I could find those kind of reviews for almost any mattress) but there's really nothing I can do about that. And the whole shebang still came in under $1k, so it's not like we spent a small fortune on it. If we have to replace it sooner than we hope, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Fingers crossed!

Help, Friends!

So, apparently at some point I went through and unfriended a bunch of people. And it's taking forever to go through and figure out who's still here, so if you're here and posting will you comment so I can make sure I have you friended? Thx! :)

I'm back, maybe?

I miss LJ all the time. How many blogs have I started and not followed through on? I'm keeping a homeschooling diary over at www.thatpatti.com, but sometimes I want to write about more personal stuff but I hate feeling like I'm writing for an audience. I don't want to be a blogger - I really just want what I used to have here.

I know I'm not the only one. There are a few of you still writing here, but I wonder how many we could bring back? I'm going to see what I can do.

So, 2014 - the return to LJ? we'll see. :)


We went to look at a condo today, and I know that several friends are going to have many detailed questions about it, so I thought I'd answer them here:

First of all there are some really practical questions that we need to have answered before we can even contemplate moving forward regarding the pet policy, condo fees, etc.

We really liked the space a LOT.  It is very bright and open and the living spaces are good-sized.  There are some pretty significant changes we'd like to make but I think we all really liked the overall feel of the place.  


- really open feel w/ 2 story ceiling on the main level and overlooking upstairs hallway
- lots of windows, great light, even in the afternoon on a cloudy day!
- BIG 2 car garage with pull in spot for extra parking (currently we have a 1 car garage that is too small to park in and is used for storage - no big deal when the weather's nice but SUCKS in the winter.)
- Nice big entry way and big closet for coats/shoes/etc.  (this is a big frustration in current house, particularly in winter)
- no yard maintenance!
- still walkable to our neighborhood park, school, etc.
- enough of a front yard for the boys to play outside
- definitely more practical living space than we currently have
- choosing a less expensive home means more saving for retirement, travel, etc.

- 1st floor master is small (not a major issue, we don't need a big bedroom) but it has 2 TINY closets.  Master bath is the only bath on main level, though it does have a door from entry way. The bathroom is set up strangely, and I would want to open it up and remodel.

- No designated dining space, although I *think* we could open up the kitchen to the living room and create one.  

- Kitchen is somewhat dated, although it is better than what we have now. 

- Scott thinks it makes more sense for us to use one of the upstairs bedrooms, but that would mean sharing a bathroom with the kids.  Also, in my head one of the reasons this place was so great was that the boys could have the upstairs to themselves.   The upstairs bathroom is also set up very strangely and again I would want to remodel eventually.

- Would want to paint and put in new carpeting throughout the condo.  

- Potential restrictions/downfalls of living in a shared community.  



There would be a bit more remodeling than I had anticipated in order to get it where we want it.  However, we could potentially purchase the condo for as much as 30-40,000 LESS than our current home is worth and could comfortably mortgage a significant amount more than that for improvements.  So, all of the updating is financially feasable.  It's more a question of whether or not we want to take on that much work.

I really liked the idea of a 1st floor master with the boys having their own living space upstairs.  Fisher has already started asking for his own bedroom, and the only other option would be to put him on the main level or down in the extra room in the basement eventually).  I dont' really like either of those options.  Potentially we could remodel the master suite and make it more workable, but I'm not sure.  This is going to be the big question after all the other questions are answered.

Any questions? :)